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ZAH d.o.o

We are a company focused on international quality standards in surface treatment and machining. We are represented in the electrical and automotive industries. The company’s production and service are primarily focused on metal processing, variety production of vehicle parts, and their surface protection.

The goal of our company is constant growth and development in all segments of our business activities, as well as increasing our market share in the European market. In line with our mission, we provide the highest quality, functionality and long-lasting products for our customers. Combining know-how and European quality standards with highly flexible employees, we offer cost-effective production with complete after-sales service.

To ensure the competitiveness of our products, we are constantly conducting new research and improving the production process, as well as the education of our employees. This is especially evident in the surface treatment-galvanization segment, where we have been a co-owner of a patent in the method of processing solder tips since 2010. The commitment of all employees and teamwork, daily confirm our vision that ZAH is synonymous with a company that operates in step with the times, but nevertheless one step ahead of our competitors.

“It’s not a matter of ideas. It’s about realizing an idea. “


1997 – ZAH Ltd. was founded.
1998 – Production of machine grinding and polishing began; 6 employees.
2001 – Serial production of machining for the automotive industry.
2003 – Release the galvanizing department (electrical industry).
2004 – Expansion of the department for galvanizing and automation of the production line.
2005 – Implementation of ISO standards (EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001) ..
2007 – Purchase and start of production on CNC lathes; increasing the number of employees.
2010 – Patent registration for the method of processing solder tips; investment in the tourist and catering facility “ZAH”.
2011 – Purchase of a plot for the expansion of business premises in the Business Area “Sawmill” (approximately 14,700 m2).
2012 – Release of the automatic galvanizing line (automotive industry).
2013 – Relocation of the grinding, welding and CNC department to a new facility located in the “Pilana” Business Area. Purchase of 2 milling machines (Deckel Maho and Doosan).
2014 – Sale of old and purchase of new lathes (Citizen)

2017. – Building of the new 2.000 m2 of production premises
2019. – Installation and start of operation of the KTL plant
2020. – installation and start of operation of the Powder coating plant
2021. – Installation and start of operation of the Laser cutting plant
2022. – Building of the new 500 m2 of production premises
2023.- Installation and start of operation of the new Galvanic line


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