About us

We are the company who is focused on international quality standards in the surface treatment and machine processing. We are represented in electrical and automotive industry. Production and service of company is primary focused on soldering tips, different metal sets (elements)  and decorative parts of tailpipes.

Aim of our company is permanent growth and development in all segments of our  business activities as well as the enlargement of our market share on the european market. In the accordance with our mission,  for our Customers, we assure the highest  quality, functionality and long lasting products. Combinating the know-how and european quality standards with  high flexible employees, we offer economical production with complete post sales service. 

To assure competitivness of our products, we constantly make new research and improving the production process, as well as education of our employees. It is especially obvious in the segment of surface treatment- galvanization, where from 2010,  we are co- owner for the patent in the mode of processing the soldering tips. Commitment of all employees and team work, every day confirm our vision that ZAH is synonym for the company who acts in the step with time, but nevertheless one step before our competitors.

„It´s not about ideas. It´s about making ideas happen.“