Chrome plating

Chrome is a bluish-white metal with very highly reflective properties. Decorative chroming needs before everything to coat Nickel on base material. After Nickel coating, chrome is the next layer which will be coated and that coat makes material resistance on  corrosion.  Chrome protects nickel from losing the shine, minimize damages and corrosion.
Color: grey-shine, mirror-white
Variants: shine, mat, velour, black
Physical characteristics: not solderable, heat resistant up to 500°C
Endurance: very high corrosion resistance, high hardness, abrasion resistance, weather resistant, tarnish resistant, extensively chemical resistant
Application: decorative chrome plating (because chrome does not tarnish, its reflective properties are retained almost without change during its lifetime)
Technical application: chrome is frequently used in the layer combination copper-nickel- chrome.