CNC machining

ZAH is manufacturer of precision products. In our production range there are different types of soldering tips, screws, nuts, guide pins, studs, sockets, connections and a lot of other products. We can offer you production from very simple to very complicated products. As a base materials we use copper, brass, aluminium, and different types of stainless steel and steel.

CNC machining performs on the most contemporary centers for automatic processing. For machine processing we use CNC lathes and milling machines of world brands as it is Citizen, Deckel MAHO and Doosan. Using the mentioned machines we can supply you products which maximal diameter is in range 4-32 mm.

Respecting the european quality standards and using the high technologie, our qualified staff can offer you complete project construction. Our products are customized to your special requirements.

Let Your drawing gets  form.