Establishing a quality management system is extremely quick  occupy a prominent place in the companies, who pay special attention  to the quality of their products and services.  Since 2005, ZAH recognized the importance of international standards of quality and the environment, and its business  adapted the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Establishing of management systems in accordance with ISO standards, we achieved the stability and reliability in the performance process, recognition by customers, reduced costs, positive public representation and employee motivation.
Quality control is realized by the input of raw materials in the warehouse, through the production process, up  to controlling the output  products. Through measurement protocols, we follow the  traceability of the production process using different digital devices, while controlling the thickness of metal coatings is provided by measurements on the X-ray spectrometer FISCHERSCOPE ® X-ray XDAL.

You can talk about quality when the Customer returns, not the product.