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CATAPHoretic varnishing

Cataphoretic varnishing (KTL) is the final technological process used for coating metal surfaces with a thin, solid, single layer and an organic coating resistant to corrosion.

KTL provides surface protection with a uniform coating and the desired thickness of the protective layer for geometrically complicated objects, both for external surfaces and internal hollow objects.

The process of cataphoretic varnishing consists of immersing an object in a tub with paint that is connected to the negative pole of the generator. In the bath there are immersed electrodes connected to a positive electric charge, where there is a paint composed of pigments, resins, solvents and fillers that dissolve the introductions. Activation of the electrochemical process enables the application of paint on the surface of the metal, which is later stabilized thanks to “baking” in a chamber with a high temperature.